Start of an Era (LOL)……

What AddiScan is

Addiscan is a tech company founded in Addis Abeba. We develop Multi-purpose Cloud-ware to manage Warehouses, Hotels, Medical and other strategic Business Operations. By using real-time data from deployed sensors we provide businesses better information about their transaction and assets. Resulting in business managers making better decision about their businesses. In short, we do cool stuff.

Our Company Culture

One of the core aims of the company is to disrupt and push the Ethiopian tech industry to provide better solutions for the challenges the country is facing. We believe in using the best innovations in the fields of Data Science, Cloud-ware, Mobile devices and sensors. In order to provide these cutting edge services we obviously demand great skill from our developers. We believe that developers should not get comfortable with doing things in one certain way. We need them to be agile and open minded. They need to be subscribers of hackernews. There are weekly Friday lectures conducted between our developers. They share their main learning points, challenges and opportunities taken to complete their tasks. This helps our team get a wider perspective. For example back-end API developers can learn the capabilities and shortcuts on Android development from the android team.


Addiscode Lectures

Quite similarly, we believe in sharing our knowledge with the industry and students. If we really want to make an impact on the society we know we can’t do it alone. No matter how good our innovations and services become we can’t fully tackle every problem in the country. That is why we need more tech entrepreneurs and skilled engineers. Healthy competition will surely push everyone to provide the best solutions for our market. With this in mind, we wanted to start this training series for students.

The training will focus on new technologies and design patterns that the software industry is using. They will be conducted in buckets (ElasticSearch reference 🙂 ) i.e. consecutive lectures will focus on a certain topic. We will make them engaging by building our applications right there in class. They will be informal but productive affairs. We will also share our experiences of building a new company in Ethiopia. Our local challenges and Opportunities. If we were to give the lectures some tags they would be: code, business, marketing, and start up.

What we expect from you

Commitment! That’s kinda it. Just be there to share and grow your skills with other like minded people. Code, participate, debate and suggest ideas in class. And do coding assignments diligently.

Who we are

Our team consists of 6 electrical and computer engineers. Most of which are AAiT alums. Some of us are fresh graduates. And some of us have several years of experience in industrial (The word industrial sounds so boring but I can find a better one for it) software development. We have skill sets in the areas of beautiful UI design, Web APIs, Android, Kinect based gesture applications, Security, Cloud Deployment, data analytics and real-time applications with GPS devices. We are no technical gods or anything but we do believe you can learn something from us. Equally as important you will be able to learn from each other as you work together.

We are all under 30. So we are still hip. We know all the new slangs (see the title we know lol) and stuff. But we want to make it clear we are not against old people.

Here is our contact addresses:

Addiscode Facebook Page: Addiscode

Dagim Feyessa :

Temesgen Feseha :

What the blog is for

This blog will serve as a reference tool throughout the lectures. There will be tech articles, tutorials and team project specs. This will aid the learning process. But this wont be the only way we can communicate. Apart from the obvious (facebook: AddisCode) we will be using trello and slack. All of our codes and projects will be on github.

Hope we will be seeing you, during the training, or on Facebook.